Why quality of a gel polish matters?

Women often apply gel polish to their natural nails. Natural nails are different from fake nails, which are glued on top of the nails. When you apply gel polish, you should maintain it properly. If you want to remove it, you must visit a salon. Messy work is not allowed here in order to keep the process neat and clean. Alternatively, you can also DIY (do-it-yourself) at home. However, you must first be acquainted with the entire DIY process. Many people wonder whether or not gel polish ruins the nails. The simple answer to this question is gel polish does not ruin the nails. 

Superior quality gel polish

Gel polish is created from photo initiator compounds, such as benzoyl peroxide and methacrylate compounds. They do not dry but remain adhered to the nails when they remain exposed to Ultra Violet light. When plasticizers are included in gel polish, they become flexible and strong. A gel nail manicure remains fresh for a longer period. It does not become prone to chipping like regular cheap nail polish. You can find the best quality gel polish here: vossy.dk.

Most women prefer gel polish as it is a versatile product. If you want to customize your gloomy look without adhering to acrylics, you will find gel polish to be perfect for you. You will find several differences between regular nail polishes and gel polishes. Enjoy an additional nail prep while applying. Use a UV lamp or LED that will cure the polish. 

Application process

All you need to do is soak your nails in acetone for close to ten minutes. After this, you will find the edges to be lifting. When you apply a gentle nudge, you will find the gel polish to be coming off immediately. Another vital thing you should keep in mind is to allow your nails to rest between each application. This step is important as it allows the nails to breathe. Nails are created from keratin, which is similar to hair. They do not require breathing as the skin does. Make sure you give the ideal time between manicures to restore your nail beds.

Removal process

Contrary to what most people believe, you can remove gel polish with a regular nail polish remover, too. If you fail to find isopropyl alcohol or pure acetone near you, you can use a regular nail polish remover. All you need to do is cover your nails with a towel and not release fumes. Soak your nails for nearly 40 minutes if you opt for this method to remove your gel nails.